Thursday, March 13, 2008

Impressive and Unforgettable Experience as the Beginner Teacher

My name is Kadir. I have already in 8th semester in Teacher Training and Education Faculty (FKIP) at Haluoleo University. My university has semester program that usually called with course of profession or locally called with KKP. In terms of my skills as a teacher candidate this activity is very significant. Thus, everybody have to join it to fulfill any requirement to graduate from this university. My duty was a beginner teacher of English. Based on random replacement, I was lucky placed in SMAN 9 Kendari. The newest school in my town, Kendari City. It located in front of Benu-Benua Stadion, Kendari City, the capital of Southeast Sulawesi, Indonesia.

On February 18th, 2008, I with other students (23 persons) from current faculty had placed in this school. Firstly we conducted a class observation for one week. Second week we started to teach in class. The first day to teach is very impressive to me. The class X1 is the first class the I taught in this school. It made me a new history in my life. They were complete with various characters of students. The most of them were accept and ready to study English. Then, at the same day I also taught in class X4.

I aware that an activity to teach is like hold a big bomb that ready to explode at anytime. Time over time I passed with sure. Early, in the first to stand in front of class, I feel nervous and so cold. In short, there were many things that annoyed my good performance in class. That’s why my supervisor said that : it is normally because you were a beginner, move forward and revise and improve yourselves. I always remember that. She always supports my way to teach. She gave me many new things or best methods to teach. Just a first experience, that needs to be enriching for good experience for my future life as teacher candidate. So, I claimed that first week to teach is very hard. I feel like in the jail. But, I felt relax when I knew the class and students condition, however I can mastery or dominance even I can affected them.

After I passed the crisis period (1st- 2nd week) I felt that the braveness arose from me. I don’t know where is it?. Then I try to apply all the methods that I adopt from my college and my heart says. Sometimes my student tries to be naughty or be crowded in the class. As the responds I provide a solution for that with try to use some approaches that suitable. I announce to them to be more interactively in speaking English in right way, no just talk active without meaning. Then, their cooperative and good attention in class during the lesson is very important, unfortunately there were also a part of student that always broken the rule. It thought that it was normally as a Senior High School. Beside that among the student I saw them with various characterize. I adjust some methods with their character or I understand with their psychology progress. Thus, I tried to find more about how to make them enjoy in studying English as the foreign language. I emphasize to eliminate their old paradigm that English is very difficult to study. I tried to change it.

One way that I have been started is by applying some interactive education games - to make them enjoyable, fun or relax during the lesson, so that it can be transferred easily; moreover I introduce them about the tips and trick to study English. Here, I emphasize that English is very important for everybody.

Then I try to publish their writing assignment through internet to introduce them in online study. I apply this strategy in second year class of SMAN 9 Kendari namely XI/IA1 class. I hope by this publishing it will be increase their motivation to study English. However, I said that their writing is possible can be read by other people from domestic or native speaker.

I had collected their writing and article in originally form without editing. Further, I need some comments to the reader or visitor in this web about their work in creating an article. Early, I felt that there were any mistaken in their writing, but I ignore that, I mean that I have to increase their motivation first. After that I can edit and revise their writing in the end. I saw them very enthusiast and spirit to make them and they ask me when I publish or upload it and make it online. Thus they can visit and put some comments.

In the next, I will post some texts or free articles that they had already submitted to me as their teacher.